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A collection of tributes

Since announcing that StockAnalysis will cease publishing at the end of September 2019, author and editor Peter Strachan has been overwhelmed with messages of thanks and well wishes.

To acknowledge the contribution Peter made over more than 15 years as author and editor of StockAnalysis, we are proud to be able to share some of these messages. The consistent theme is that Peter's work is valued and valuable, however more importantly, they provide an insight into the enormous positive impact and place Peter has in people's lives.


Just a reflection as we reach the last page of the bible:

There is no doubt that your client base of like-minded individuals will truly miss your valued weekly insights. Your great knowledge and experience differentiated yourself with an adherence to a sound set of values and integrity. The respect you carry was always on a sound foundation.

You make the difference between a well-timed investment and punting on the pokies.

I wonder what axioms you might leave us with as a guide to the future.

Don’t chase illusions
- there has to be an asset.

Have a strategy
- focus and discipline.


I was so sorry to hear of your decision to call it a day on SA. When I saw you on Closing Bell I think, I was marked by your straight forward incisive remarks, with no colours reflecting other analyst’s views on the show. If you had the same opinion it was just coincidence. No bob each way for you.

Since I joined SA I have enjoyed this intelligent and honest assessment you have given with aplomb, and I thank you sincerely for that.

Anyway such is life, we are of a similar age , and I can understand the sense of futility of pushing the proverbial uphill , when there is an inadequate return. After all analysis is the name of the game and if we ignore our own analysis, well we must endure very dim prospects (or give up analysis!).

Again thank you Peter and the very best to you and Heather for the future


Thank you so much for your service over the years. As you know I’ve been a very happy subscriber and you definitely got me in to some rippers.

Wednesday was one of the highlights of my week and other subscribers have said this and it sounds a little trite but I definitely got into the habit of printing out each edition at work and then having a glass of wine and digesting it at a quiet pub. It became a real ritual and centrepiece of the week. It’s going to be sadly missed.


So sad, but thank you for the time you have put in to make me a wiser investor Peter.  See you around the village.

Chris Shellabear

Very devastated to hear that StockAnalysis will be no more!

It has always been the highlight of my working week and will be sadly missed!

I would like to wish you all the very best for the future & future endeavours.

Thank you very much for the countless tireless hours that you have contributed to StockAnalysis over the years.

Cheers, Steve

This is terrible news.

Your work is one of my dearest simple pleasures. Not to mention being a superb prompter of investment and speculative possibilities and ideas.

I have enjoyed it for all too short a period.

Thank you so much for all your work, insights and ideas.

Yours regretfully, Richard

Peter I'm lost for words to see you are calling it a day but thankyou a million times for your efforts—Wednesday will never be the same again.

Thank you again - I've loved StockAnalysis.

Regards, David

Wow - what shocking news!  I’m staggered to hear this!  Perhaps It’s true all good things must come to an end? Peter your incite, and prolific production of emerging news and analysis is unique in this market and has been a highlight of my week for years.  I have been regularly amazed at how you gather and report in such a prodigious manner.  You’re a genius and will be dearly missed. 

Best personal regards, David Bradley

As I have mentioned before I came to you through your take over of Quentin Cameron’s Newsletter and have not regretted it. I wish you well and thank you for the work you have put into your publication. Hoping to hear of your activities through the press.

Peter Doggett

Peter and John, thank you for the analysis that I have evidenced since joining your programme some time ago, Eric Streitberg suggested I utilise Peter’s analysis based on the lack of rational information that was available with  O & G shares, their risks and potentials, from most other sources around at that time, and additionally  your analysis of many other mining companies, outside the O & G  portfolio, has provided me with several profitable investment opportunities.

Peter, Eric’s comments to me were that if I wanted reference to a truthful and honest appraisal by someone as regards the O & G companies I should subscribe to your reports. His assessment has been correct. 

Good luck with your future endeavours,

Sincerely, Ross

I am saddened to hear your news. I genuinely look forward to your newsletter every week. There is really nothing else out there like your newsletter.

It is also part selfish – this job can be very difficult. Most shareholders don’t understand the timelines we are dealing with and consequently they give you hell. So it’s nice to know there is someone out there that gets what you are trying to do.

Best wishes to you and maybe we will meet for a beer or two sometime.

If you change your mind we will stay on.

Best wishes, Noel Newell, Executive Chairman, 3D Oil

I am absolutely devastated to hear the news. StockAnalysis (YOU!) have been a massive part of my life since 2006. You have shaped me into the person I am today and have provided me with a wonderful education. I had no clue about stocks or the issues that trouble our world until I subscribed to your newsletter. 

It’s no exaggeration to say that my life will feel a little hollow now that I have nothing to look forward to on a Wednesday and Thursday. 

Kind regards, Matt Milner

I am very sorry to hear that you have decided that it is time to sign off.

I have followed your comments and analysis of companies from the very start. Indeed, I was a subscriber to Quentin Cameron. 

I wish you every success in the future.

Kind Regards, Denis Pyman

Sorry to hear of the close down but I can completely understand all of the reasons you have stated.

Once again sorry Peter and the market will be supplied with considerably less knowledge for investors. 

Thanks for all your advice and support in the past and good luck.

Keep in touch, you never know what comes up and we will be retaining our Wholesale licence regardless and corporate deals will be available, and someone with your knowledge in industry would be helpful in assessing projects for corporate deals.

Collin Vost, Private Client Advisor, New York Securities

Just before I sign off , I feel you should know just how enjoyable your newsletters have been and just how much so many have thought as I do—Peter people like  yourself never get told what a great service they offer and never come to realise just how much one has influenced others, taught new things and never been fearful of offering an opinion that is not politically correct---you have been appreciated one hell of a lot more than you realise

Warmest regards to you both.. David Easton

Thanks to all. Always interesting, informative and gutsy enough to stand up to some bad actors.

Has certainly made me a better investor.

All the best for the future.

Simon Evans

Certainly a big surprise.

I listen daily to Stockhead, so will have to wait to see how you will contribute to their format. Currently they try to get the jump with news. Often they can be embarrassing with their headline grabs. Your gravitas will no doubt generate more appeal with business readers.

Regards, C.N. Riemer

Sorry to receive the news today that the StockAnalysis era is over.

I think I have been a subscriber for 3 and a bit years and have found it very educational and useful.

It has taught me quite a bit about the oil & gas sector in particular and can comfortably say that I have had more wins than losses by decisions I have made after using the StockAnalysis guidance in my research. Hopefully I am also sitting on a few that will yet bear fruit!

I must also say, that I have very seldom found any broker analyst report to be wholesome enough to give me confidence.

I will miss your good work.

If you get back on the horse in the future to publish insightful research, please keep my email address in your address book as I will happily subscribe.

Thank you, David

Sorry to hear the news but can understand the decision. As someone who has followed international oil companies both professionally and, for several years now, on a personal basis, I’ve appreciated the insights.

Many thanks, Peter

So disappointed to discover that your stock analysis opportunity alert service is coming to an end.

I give you my thanks for the investment education you have provided especially how you explained how you arrived at valuations for oil and gas projects.

Sincerely, Vince

When I look at my formula - gold, gas, nickel, copper etc, then the company, then the cash etc PETER, you provided an insight into the quality of the management, did they have the capacity to deliver and then the resource, has the story been oversold, your perspective is always valued.

That frank perspective is such a valuable input changing the game from punting into genuine investment in the story.

And the wisdom that the youth doesn’t understand!


I was very saddend by the notice informing me that StockAnalysis (SAN) is closing down.

As you know, I'm a long way from Australia and over the years that I have subscribed to SAN, on investment topics, you have been my eyes and ears and often when I have contacted my stockbroker you have been my tongue as well.

Reading the weekly editions of SAN and listening to the Feedback Sessions have become important features of my weekly routine.

You have always striven to provide us with accurate analyses. Above all, I have come to respect and admire your professionalism, sincerity and your passionate desire to see the planet as a better place to live.

From what you've said in your notice, there does not appear to be much of a chance to morph SAN into something similar. However, if in the future should you contemplate a new venture please count me in. I would also like to be one of the first to know about it.

I will miss SAN sorely. I truly appreciate the tremendous effort you have put in over the years.

For now, a hell of a thank-you for a job exceptionally well done.

Best wishes, Graham Smith

We are sorry to hear that you are finishing up soon. You will be sorely missed. 


Sorry to hear of the end of StockAnalysis. For me anyway!! Your reports have been a source of considerable value for me over the years and I always looked forward to receiving them.

I remember some years ago I used to subscribe to four or five Stock Analyst’s Reports. Didn’t take me very long to work out that I only needed yours.

All the best for your future endeavours – I’ll follow you on Stockhead.

Kind Regards, T.

Peter thanks for a great ride.

Ian Huntley

You will be greatly missed, so this is simply to say how much I've enjoyed the journey, with you as a guide, and to wish you as much success in your next venture as I hope you have found with Stock Analysis!

Warmest greetings, and best wishes for the years ahead,


I would just like to say thanks very much. I have really appreciated your straight forward and informative newsletters and feedback.

I am actually very disappointed your service is finishing as it has been so valuable to me.

I wish you and your family the best of luck and really will miss your publication and feed back.


Oh no ! So sad to see you go …. but hopefully opens up new opportunities for you over the horizon… I will call when I get a chance. Heartfelt thanks for all your hard work over these past years and what I have always believed was the most insightful, hard-hitting and valuable analysis of ASX small resources stocks. 

Best Regards, Sam Bartone

As a relatively recent subscriber (15 months) I am sad to see you “retire” StockAnalysis. 

I initially came on board as I have a very decent holding in Buru Energy and had seen that you were both writing for the company and obviously covering them as well in StockAnalysis. 

On the whole I have found your newsletter and podcast format both interesting and effective for my investing style/objectives. Since subscribing I have purchased and sold a couple of your recommendations and am more than happy to hold a couple going forward. I have also been around long enough to understand that out of every 10 purchases, 2/3 will be good winners, 5 or 6 will net out to get your money back and the last couple will be losers. Managing the losers is of critical.

Best wishes, G.

Hi Peter, sorry you are giving up StockAnalysis. Your talk back and news letter were great. Anyway, all the best Peter.

Bruce Talty

It was extremely sad to receive the news that StockAnalysis is to wind up.  

I know that I will really miss your report and the anticipation each week of receiving your recommendations and the next possible gem to invest in.  It has always been genuine and free of spin/ bullshit.  I was a subscriber to Quentin Cameron’s Oil & Gas Bulletin, and I think it was a year or two before I became a subscriber because I wondered who was this Peter Strachan fellow and would he know as much as Quentin. 
It has been a great time and although there was a couple of stinkers along the way I can genuinely say that you have enabled me and my wife to be in a position where we will be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement.
I presume that you may spend a bit more time on the farm, but whatever it is, I hope your future years are happy & healthy ones.   

Thanks again, Trevor

Dear Peter, I'm so sorry to learn the final edition of StockAnalysis will be published on 25th inst.

I have enjoyed reading StockAnalysis over many years and will, indeed, miss it. However, I now look forward to your podcasts on StockHead.

I wish you and your team my very best wishes for the future. Thank you.

Kind regards, J.

A trusted and independent voice. Rare and irreplaceable. Hope to hear of you people again soon, although I suspect Peter, like me, would rather be farming.                                        

Jon Watkins