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I read your 'soap box' and it really cheered me up... read Gulliver's Travels more than 50 years ago and just thought it was another bit of school text - you seem to have put a new "slant" on things. It is a great gift you have Peter, for writing and "cleanly dissecting" this crazy world we live in. Couldn't stop thinking about it for a good few hours!! You are absolutely brilliant!

A very grateful person - Otto (April 2019)

I was very impressed by your "Soapbox" article in the latest "StockAnalysis". The "Rats in a Cage" segment was fascinating.

Graham (April 2019)

Reading through Soapbox in your newsletter yesterday, paragraph by paragraph, my little brain reacted, "Peter at his very best: exceptional". And, "nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize!" Observations built around your trip to Syria is powerfully concise. What's that about, "everyone who ignores history is bound to repeat it".

Brian (April 2019)

Peter, thank you so much for your answer. I was certainly not expecting you to respond over the weekend. So that is indeed great service.

Ray (March 2019)

Have been meaning to get on the list. I love your work mate, it's thorough, to the point, and Rob tells you have always remained independent.

Matt (February 2019)

By the way, GOR on a tear! I bought a number of years ago thanks to you at around the 20 cent mark. It's done very well!

As had DRM, which I bought on your recommendation at 25 cents. 

Darren (February 2019)
Editor: GOR now 88.25 cts and DRM now 45.5 cts.

Keep up the good work on StockAnalysis, thoroughly enjoyable read!

Pete (February 2019)

I really enjoy your newsletters and feedback sessions. You provide more insight into companies than what you merely read in their news announcements

Paul (February 2019)

I particularly liked your "Soapbox" section of the latest "StockAnalysis".

Graham (February 2019)

Thanks for all your continuing education and entertainment.

Richard (February 2019)

Thank you for the work that you put into the publication and Feedback.

Peter (January 2019)

Great to have you back on board, was getting a little bored without StockAnalysis to read & listen to!

Steve (January 2019)

It has been nice to read your articles and hope to continue reading them in years to come.

Barun (December 2018)

Thank-you for all of your helpful comments during 2018. 

Have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year and I look forward to hearing from you in January.

Graham (December 2018)

Thank you for the work you put into the Publication and Feedback. The end of the stock exchange "bull run" may be in the words of T.S. Eliot "not with a bang but a whimper".

Peter D (December 2018)

Great newsletter this week, Peter. I like the global analysis as a change up from the stock analysis.

Matt (December 2018)

Hey Peter - another cracking newsletter today - you're like a fine wine!

Matt (November 2018)

Many thanks for all your continuing hard work. Amazes me what you get through as a solo show!

Richard (November 2018)

I am getting intoxicated at the good quality of your newsletter as well as your personal touch in responding to me and surely others' emails. It is essentially good fun to deal with someone who not only knows his stuff but also treats everyone with a lot of care. Thanks a lot.

Barun (November 2018)

I found yesterday's StockAnalysis to be a very worthwhile read, your Market Moves comments were timely and had a different viewpoint (one that I tend to agree with) from some other commentators.

Tim (November 2018)

Thanks for the air time in today's feedback session, very informative as per usual.

Pete (October 2018)

Great issue today Peter. I really enjoyed your analysis on the US, hedge funds, toppy vs emerging markets etc.

Matt (October 2018)

Thanks Peter, these snippets of knowledge alone are worth the subscription price. Without it it’s like trading blindfolded. Thanks again.

Sam (October 2018)

Best regards - you are one of the greatest!

Chris (September 2018)

Very analytical research articles with no bragging even when Peter makes the success. As he says, it is the analysis and not journalism. Comparatively, I could see most of the newsletters like Motley Fool, Fat Prophets, hopeless Potter Publishing group - all do bragging with little values occurred to me. Peter does reply to my emails which is a great service. Thanks a lot for the trial enabling the decision to stay..

Barun (August 2018)

I am in first year as a subscriber. Enjoy your work very much. Thank you.

Brian (August 2018)
Please re invoice me for your very worthwhile publication StockAnalysis, thanks. Go CVN.
Ian (July 2018)
Thanks for all of the comments via feedback audio on the various companies I mentioned. Your comments are always greatly appreciated.
Craig (May 2018)
Looking forward to having you back at the StockAnalysis keyboard in a couple of weeks.
Graham (January 2018)
I always look forward to the first issue every year. There is clearly a lot of holiday thinking and insight in the issue!
Simon (January 2018)
“ . . . one of my resolutions for this year is to be a more disciplined investor. You give us well-considered advice but the final decision is always (left to subscribers) after taking other issues (usually personal ones) into account. I like how you refer to the "technical" aspects of share price movements. My impatience often gets the better of me.”
Graham (January 2018)
From my years of experience in business, there are way too many lowlifes happy to b*tch and criticise and very few who bother to say thanks. So I just wanted to say thanks for all of the information you have shared over many years. I have learned a lot from you, and continue to appreciate your comments and feedback. Have a great holiday season.
Craig (December 2017)
Boy, you certainly make precise calls - for BUL you said 'next stop 17' , and it happens
Chris (October 2017)
As no doubt you are aware, I’ve been following Blue Energy with keen interest. So far so good, thanks in no small part to your uncannily accurate analysis and honest commentaries. As always, love your work and look forward to your reply with great appreciation.
Sam (October 2017)
Thanks Peter--love your reports
David (September 2017)
Its an Australian institution.
Larry (September 2017)
Today’s newsletter is great , I cannot think of any other analyst that does such excellent monetary research and analysis.
Norbert (August 2017)
Just finished reading today’s newsletter, excellent analysis of several important issues and written so a layman like myself can understand all.
Norbert (July 2017)
I remember your comment now and then in the past that a single successful buy, based on your recommendations, pays for a multiple of the annual subs. So true! I have had that pleasure a good number of times, so thank you! One was BUL, and a bucketful was picked up at 3 cents quite some time ago. Planets are aligning at the moment, but I'm a 'holder' - however, does your crystal ball have a short term or medium target? I really enjoy your material, both print and voice .
Chris (June 2017)
Thanks for the great publications
Tony (26 April 2017)
Can you pass on to Peter and any other contributors that this is an excellent publication.
Michael (23 February 2017)
You've often said that "a single good recommendation pays for the annual subs and more". ADX has just done that in spades!
Chris (25 January 2017)
Thanks again for your good oil and advice.
Ian (1 December 2016)
Surprised you didn't mention WIN at feedback. What a fabulous trade! You got me on at 7-8c and I patiently accumulated. Sold yesterday at 19c!! Nice work!
Happy Subscriber (Simon)(6 October 2016)
I thank-you very much for the section on the "Oil and Gas Cohort". Not only was it well researched but it was also very well presented and it has helped me a lot with the assessment of my own holdings. What I particularly liked about your analysis this time was your additional emphasis on time to fruition for investments e.g. CTP : a lot of hurdles along the way and still not much in reserves to justify commercialisation, while with BRU we know the stuff is there but it will take time to resolve other issues.
Graham (24 June 2016)
The heads up on AUZ was gold (excuse the pun!). My subscription is well and truly paid for!!
Simon (30 March 2016)
Thanks for the heads up on this one. I bought some in a very thin gappy market last week right after you covered them. Average price of 4.6c. Sold this morning for 14c!
Simon (22 March 2016)
Keep up the good work... StockAnalysis is an email I home into first off each week.
David (27 Oct 2015)
Just wanted to say that you are a marvel.Your continuous recommendations look like its going to bear fruit big time.We have been subscribers for probably about ten years now and look forward each week to your issue and feedback. Many thanks.
Andrew & Edwina (9 Sept 2015)
Many thanks for making your work and research available, I recently paid my account, very happy with your product.
Murray (17 Aug 2015)
Dear Peter…Ive been [buying shares] for 76 years. I guess you could say I’m addicted and I think highly of your info/advice in StockAnalysis. The last issue was a ‘pearler’ so keep up the really unique work.
Ted (30 July 2015)
Congrats on your newsletter - I am a new subscriber & finding it a valuable resource for my investment/trading analysis.
Grant (23 July 2015)
Well Pete, might have to vote you in for PM..!!! Great summary of how it really is, hope you sent Hockey a copy.
Steve (15 May 2015)
I would like to thank you for your opening article in your latest StockAnalysis Please keep ringing the bell.
Graham (14 May 2015)
As one security analyst to another you have my highest respect for quality and knowledge of the work you do. Your opinions are independent, well researched and insightful. many times than of an average street stock report.
Lionel (10 April 2015)
Thanks for addressing my question Peter – your wise guidance is much appreciated.
Zach (15 Jan 2015)
Please pass on my appreciation to Peter for continuing to provide an excellent service.
Michael (16 Dec 2014)
I have said previously your honesty and calling it as it is - is what makes your product so valuable. You may get your timing wrong or not pick the best movers in the market (the eternal reality for all market participants) but I do know you will not get duped by management. . . . . I think that is your greatest value add. . . . I hope you are encouraged to call the shonks and dodgy practices out. I also assume implicitly that when you strongly recommend a stock that by default the management is good.. . . And so you have my business.
Murray (2 July 2014)
Firstly, I wanted to say that your StockAnalysis has been a great aid to my venture into trading and I thank you for that. I subscribed about two months ago and I have witnessed many of the stocks you mention rise significantly on the back of discoveries and I am consistently excited for your release each week!
Nathan (20 June 2014)
Your meaty comments on iron ore price, producers and AGO much appreciated, as I am sure they would have been by other subscribers! Good focus on most and least profitable producers, pricing levels for breakeven, penalties for impurities, and factors to watch for/timing of price bounce looking forward. It's just what the investor needs to give them background/comfort around their own potential investment decisions.
Larry (5 June 2014)
Thank you for your insightful and entertaining products - as always I appreciate your hard work and independence in the market place. Thank you for your dedication to you clients.
Murray (5 June 2014)
Your coverage of the oil and gas sector is very good.
John (21 April 2014)
I have been a subscriber to StockAnalysis since 2006 and particularly enjoy listening to your feedback sessions and find highly useful your "Oil and Gas Industry Surveys". Keep up the good work.
Tim (12 March 2014)
Thank you, Peter - StockAnalysis was very insightful. Loved the Soapbox, and particularly also your explanation of LNG and CNG. A top quality read, as always.
Madeleine (19 Dec 2013)
I trust your insights and believe that StockAnalysis is a truly worthwhile subscription.
Tony (18 Dec 2013)
Thanks for your excellent input over this last year always well researched, accurate and informative.
Thanks again for the work you do for your subscribers we receive excellent value.
Kevin (17 Dec 2013)
I love the publication and look forward to receiving it every week.
Always entertaining and full of insight. A little bit of sanity in a mostly insane world!
Adam (11 Dec 2013)
Really enjoy your feedback. Thanks again for all the work you do. Consistent good advice.
Greg (5 Nov 2013)

“I think you are on the money and if you keep up your form I too will soon be one of the idle rich"

Richard (17 Oct 2013)
I have been subscribing to Stock Analysis for about 18 months and find it great.
Clint (9 Oct 2013)

“Just recently renewed my subscription to stock analysis for a further 12 months. Even if I'm not investing in new shares all the time, I enjoy reading the balanced views and insight that stock analysis brings

Matthew (26 Sept 2013)
Just wanted to say i really appreciate all the great work done here! I've passed this on to a friend as well. I've spent a lot of hours here the past few days, my only regret i didn't join earlier…
Waruna (9 July 2013)

“I like when you discuss important topics that indirectly affect the Aussie market. The ongoing US shale boom/bubble fascinates me. The important longer term issues, whilst not stock specific, I always enjoy as I find they are not covered in other outlets or media.”

“... Love your honesty, consistency and commitment to the truth of a stock's value. I have been following you for a few years and you are the most consistent by far in your style and approach to the markets. I like how you are quite conservative in assessing a stock's base value and are looking for significant upside potential of a low risk base supported by real cash flow or solid tangible asset base. I feel when things are a bit of a punt, you point that out clearly in your recommendation.”

“ I rate quite highly your audio feedback session, I prefer you drop the written report rather than the audio feedback.”

“Thank you for a wonderful product Peter. Please stay in the game!”

Murray (15 June 2013)
Great report this week, I read with interest - 3 times!
Brad (12 June 2013)

Thanks for the read. Very insightful.

David (18 April 2013)
Peter is a resources expert, which is why I personally have subscribed to his news letter for many years. Peter is honest, extremely knowledgeable and a great presenter.
Norbert (31 March 2013)

The publication is great - perfect for retail investors who don't have time to do their own homework.

Neil (March 2013)
The most comprehensive, insightful, concise and to the point survey of ASX Oil and Gas stocks I have ever seen. A truly mammoth endeavour to stay on top of them all and to be able to discern the gems from the crap... also showing true courage and respect to call it as you see it. In less than 1 hour of reading I now have a distinct advantage in the market, allowing me to focus on only those stocks that have true potential. Thank you.
Sam (13 February 2013)

Three actions have turned me into a professional trader:

  1. Internet in 1999

  2. Stumbling upon Jim Slaters book The Zulu Principle in 2001

  3. Subscribing to Stock Analysis in ~2005

Not just the "tips" but the thought processes behind them.
May you live a long life.

Doug (January 2013)
I've decided to take my profits on Drake Resource today at 25c having bought a reasonable amount at 7.5c after reading your report.

A great start to 2013 and so a very very big thank you from me.
Sam (5 Jan 2013)
A very happy Stockanalysis subscriber – keep up the great work!
Adam (19 Dec 2012)
My hat is off to you Sir for your recent move of setting up a publicly viewable fund. You certainly are unique in that you do "practise what you preach" and you certainly do "put your money where your mouth is". So many research analysts are just theoretical fellows keep up the great work.
Samuel (23 Nov 2012)
Your staff are great. As always I continue to sprout wondrous mouthing's about your publications and rely on your sage advice.
Laurie (6 Nov 2012)
You didn’t disappoint me and I have to say you are a bloody marvel mate. I really do appreciate your dedication to your clients.
Terry (6 Nov 2012)
Keep up the great work.
Simon (18 Oct 2012)
On a dark desert highway:
Greetings Peter. Great line about "Hotel California" stocks on feedback. It exemplifies why I keep subscribing - you have more incentive than most to talk up small caps but you prefer the truth to financially-motivated spruiking.
As usual, you are keeping us up to speed on what is going on. Like a lot of share holders, I am prone to make buying / selling decisions with more emotional input than logic. So your “voice of reason” is a worthwhile stabiliser. Thank you.
Phil (5 Oct 2012)
Very fine and well reasoned and worked out "soapbox" on tree stress and population stress in Perth, befitting a brilliant analyst.
Jenny and Gerald (4 Oct 2012)
Still very much enjoying Stockanalysis. I think the best of its kind out there.
Matthew (3 Oct 2012)
Thanks for your quick reply as I was able to access Peter’s words of wisdom. I do enjoy his global outlook and especially so because of his cogent writing style. I know very little about mining but I understand what he is saying. Please give him my regards.
Sue (29 Aug 2012)
I would just like to add to the appreciative comments being voiced by a number of your other StockAnalysis subscribers. We are bombarded with media spin on everything these days, and it takes a lot of effort to analyse it to work out what is really going on. So it is really good to have your regular, unbiased, independent StockAnalysis resource.
Phil (20 Aug 2012)
Thanks for the excellent service.
Ron (17 Aug 2012)
Thanks again for your excellent analysis.
Gary (19 July 2012)
Your work is greatly appreciated.
Trevor (11 July 2012)
I always get lots from your newsletter and follow your recommendations with some nice little gains. Many thanks for your efforts.
Sue (11 July 2012)
Thanks again for your good work . . . . As always your comments would be valued.
Trevor (28 June 2012)
Thank you for Stock Analysis/Feedback every week............ I eagerly devour your 'Company Review' List, whenever you find time to include it. Thank you for your insights!
Eric (26 June 2012)
"I've been a subscriber to StockAnalysis since January of this year. I'd have to say that it is the best $541 I've ever spent. Your clear and succinct analyses, in a quantitative manner, allow the decision-making on potential investments a lot more sensible than the vague generalisations, or tsunamis of gobbledegook often seen in other publications!"

... your analysis of MAD's valuation of 2P reserves in Dec/Jan made it easy for me to buy at 29c, and things are still going strong.

"Your detailed analysis of the potential of the Canning Basin, convinced me to buy more Buru at 73c per share, and I'm very happy, to say the least!!"
Rick (21 June 2012)
I am a new subscriber and I’d like to say that I liked what I have read and listend to so far. So, Thank you!
Dimitar (7 May 2012)
I am enjoying your weekly update and your take on current issues.
Ian (19 April 2012)
I think your publication is excellent in all respects – better than any of several others that I have and currently subscribe to.
Haydn (17 April 2012)
Firstly I would like to say how much I enjoy your weekly report. I have been receiving them for nearly 2 years and have benefited from your advice, financially and also an increased understanding of the stock market and its workings. For this I thank you very much indeed. Thank you for the work you put into your reports. It is appreciated by this stock market novice.
Tony (17 April 2012)
Not sure if it was the best $449 I've spent (golf clubs and Rockford Basket Press come to mind), but it's up there, and has certainly delivered the quickest payback time.
Dain (16 March 2012)
Many thanks and as always, looking forward to your insightful, hard-hitting opinions.
Sam (23 Feb 2012)
I liked your confronting assessment of Syria and our illustrious Foreign Minister. So much of the worlds problems emanate from simply too many people competing for limited resources. Keep banging on about it even though few people (now) are listening and it does make slightly depressing reading.
Matt (22 Feb 2012)
Still look forward to Wed & Thurs for your weekly epistles!
Clive (22 Feb 2012)
Thanks again for StockAnalysis that I have enjoyed reading over many years!!
Kelvin (22 Feb 2012)
Nice to see you back again after the break with your usual common sense approach to investing. In an industry full of blow-hards it is refreshing to read your back to basics view on company valuations, prospects and the world in general.
Matthew (16 Jan 2012)
"Congratulations, especially on last week's StockAnalysis and the gargantuan analysis and pithy comments. Brilliant!"
Brian (19 Dec 2011)
"Let me add my voice to the others who have responded positively to your links and views, and let me say “please keep this up” – not at the expense of what you do, but in addition. It is a very welcome thing in this country today to have any form of rational discussion presented, and the topics which you pick are so critical that rational discussion is essential. I also love both the quality and diversity of the links that you present. One that sticks in my mind is David Attenborough speaking at the Royal Society on overpopulation, and chaired by Prince Philip – this was a gem on so many levels that one just does not know where to begin. I would never have come across this on my own. And so on with many other links that you have provided.
So thank you, and please keep up the good work, on all fronts. "
David (12 Oct 2011)
"I would certainly like to support your StockAnalysis stock market. Great idea. Why ASX listed companies tolerate CFDs is beyond me. A dollar in a CFD is a fraud inflicted upon shareholders and all connected with these entities. Very happy to be a subscriber to your newsletter by the way. New subscriber, longtime supporter of WA's mining minnows. "
Ross (6 Oct 2011)
"...with the pressures on an individual’s time availability, I really like these short economic outlook updates, where you provide your thoughts on the macro outlook coupled with some stock recommendations."
John (27 Aug 2011)
"To be fair you can't get them all right and it's very rare you do get it wrong. As always I very much appreciate your honest and fearless opinions. "
Sam (5 July 2011)
"And appreciate your weekly writings - unadulterated analysis and frank comment."
Stewart (1 July 2011)
"Why haven’t I subscribed before is probably a good question. I’ve come close several times, but baulked at the price of yet another subscription each time. I’ve now dropped Resource Stocks & Eureka Report in favour of Stockanalysis. It is the genuine detailed & researched stock analysis & opinions of conviction which has convinced me to subscribe, particularly as my investment focus is the resource sector."
Dave (30 June 2011)
"Once again, fantastic product!! Count down the days each week waiting for your report."
Graeme (13 June 2011)
"Continuing thanks for all your advice and obvious dedication to your clients. StockAnalysis remains my priority one investment adviser!!!!"
Terry (18 May 2011)
"I would like to commend you on both the quality of your publication and on your depth and expertise in the O&G/Resource sector in particular. Your articles have greatly contributed to my own understanding in the O&G sector in particular. Keep up your excellent work for your subscribers. "
K. Watts from New Zealand (18 May 2011)
"I continue to find the information in your Newsletter invaluable. Many thanks."
Sue (12 May 2011)
"Many thanks again for the quality of work produced in StockAnalysis."
John (14 April 2011)
"Always appreciate your very professional opinion."
David (14 April 2011)
"Keep up the interesting articles like the National Rankings and commentary on the USA and likes of the political situation in the Middle East. However personal the opinion expressed may be, this is OK by me as a reader as long as the material is backed by observation and a some rational analysis of the known information. Also the strong moral thread is I think one of the strengths of the 'StockAnalysis' newsletter. ”
Matt (9 March 2011)
"The financial industry in general is dominated by know-nothings and sheep and quality analyses of small cap miners are rare. ”
G Binmore (1 March 2011)
"Am a new subscriber to your newsletter and a very active and keen follower and investor in junior oils. I am really appreciating and enjoying everything I‘m seeing in your reports.”
Sue (18 Feb 2011)
"I am a StockAnalysis subscriber and have been now for almost a year and think that you have something worthwhile to say each issue.”
Matthew (20 Jan 2011)
"I am listening to your feedback & it is always very interesting & a learning experience. Many thanks, for handling my list of share update. It is greatly appreciated.”
CJ Han (20 Jan 2011)
"I do enjoy your weekly Feedback sessions.
Last Friday, when I listened to your Thursday evenings comments re ITC (re hanging onto ITC until the last bid is on the table, rather than selling into the market), it actually inspired me to buy mine back at 8 cents, after I had sold them for that a day or so earlier. Imagine then my self-satisfied smirk this morning to find that Beach had gone and upped the bid to 8.5 cents on market!
Stockanalysis pays its own subscriptions once again. Subscribers should not underestimate the value-add of 'Feedback'”
Larry (6 Dec 2010)
"I appreciate the regular StockAnalysis updates and general commentary. . . . .. I like the way you introduce non-Australian comments into your reviews – to give a sense of perspective.”
A subscriber in Canada (26 Nov 2010)
"Peter, I am happy to confirm to anyone my confidence in your general and stock knowledge acumen.”
George (17 Nov 2010)
"Thanks once again for sharing your wisdom around ... I value your comments and great service. I'm way in front!!”
George (17 Nov 2010)
"Thanks for a very informative and some think rare, honest opinions on stocks and the world. I’ve been subscribing for 2-3 yrs.”
Travis (9 Nov 2010)
"This sort of very targetted info is worth twice as much as any other service I subscribe to.”
Sam Bartone (9 Nov 2010)
"Thank you so much for your honest approach to share analysing, I have very much enjoyed my membership so far.”
Dinah (14 Oct 2010)
"Over the last 2 years I have very much enjoyed your weekly publication. Greatly appreciate your honest views on both stocks and general current affairs.”
Zach McAfee (14 Oct 2010)
"I really look forward to your report each week and I have found it very informative. I really do enjoy listening to the feedback session.”
Stephen (13 Oct 2010)
"Thanks for your fine selections Peter. You are indeed a guru mate. I loaded up on IGR and TXN when you recommended them and I'm very grateful and a lot better off financially!!”
George (12 Oct 2010)
"Your service is worth every cent of investment!”
Rachel Schairer (11 Oct 2010)
"Appreciate your analytical skills and depth of knowledge in the industry without which investors like me would not touch this part of the market. And sometimes even with your advice it's a challenge to make a buck. Definitely stimulating trying to though.”
Roger Williams (5 Aug 2010)
"Thanks for a fantastic product and I look forward to listening to your report each week.”
Graeme Meinema (26 July 2010)
"Thanks again for your continued efforts – is easy to get cynical given the spin put on so much of what one reads and hears depending on from which corner it emanates – your honesty is always greatly appreciated!”
Stewart Findlay (13 July 2010)
"...thanks for your diligent work, your deep insights and no-nonsense honesty.”
Sam Bartone (4 July 2010)
"Thanks as per usual for providing a consistently great service to your readers, no matter where you are or what time of day!”
Rachel Schairer (27 June 2010)
"I subscribe to a number of Investment Adviser groups but would like to tell you that I find StockAnalysis one of the best – much of my medium to long term investment strategy is designed after your advice and I’m doing reasonably well – thank you!”
Terry (21 June 2010)
" now an avid fan (of Feedback) who never misses a single edition: it has proved to be a resounding success. It has... consistent high quality of content, which is a direct reflection of Peter's depth of industry knowledge and the energy and effort that he puts in each week,...relevant content to the audience's immediate interests and originality and entertainment value of the material in the way that it is presented.”
Larry Kirk (May 2010)
"Thanks for a very good newsletter and the feedback service is appreciated.”
Gary (28 April 2010)
"Just read today’s letter, excellent. You are like a good wine ,you improve with time. Your analysis of Aussie and world economy is excellent. I subscribe to other newsletters, but nobody has given your support data so far.”
C. Norbert Riemer (28 April 2010)
"Many thanks for the reply...I can see StockAnalysis being a long and productive subscription indeed.”
Sebastian Bunney (13 April 2010)
"Thanks for your insights, and I always value your comments (Feedback) as well as StockAnalysis itself!”
John Turney (9 March 2010)
"I’m a recent subscriber to Stock Analysis, only regret being that I didn’t get on board years ago – the frankness & honesty of your analysis is well appreciated, & I particularly value your feedback sessions.”
Stewart Findlay (26 Feb 2010)
"...thank you for your weekly "reality checks" on various subjects, which I do enjoy & heed. Keep up the good work!”
Eric Hannay (15 Feb 2010)
"Thanks again for the quality and effort that goes into Stockanalysis
Phil Webb (15 Feb 2010)
"I really appreciate your first class newsletter on stocks and your quantitative approach”
Tony Eriksen (19 Jan 2010)
"Thank you again for your contribution to both StockAnalysis and the feedback’s well worth the investment and something I never miss.”
John Pirie (17 Dec 2009)
"I would like to wish you & Family a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. I would also, like to thank you for your services over the year, especially, for answering many of our questions during your weekly feedback sessions. I always look forward to those comments & finding them very helpful & useful.
We look forward to getting more GEMS in the Oil & Gas sector for the new year.”
CJ Han (8 Dec 2009)
"I had a good year thanks to Peter. I am most pleased with the Stock Analysis newsletters. The feedback sessions are always an interesting bonus. Keep up the good work.”
Mark L (16 Nov 2009)
"I would like to thank you for your stocks and market analysis; I find your knowledge and commentary extremely valuable and look forward to each session.”
Ian Busuttil (12 Nov 2009)
"In July you did an excellent expose on “Who’s who in the LNG Zoo”. I feel you are the analyst I trust, most capable of assimilating the information (not least because you’ve got some skin in the game) due to your experience and WA base.”
Andrew Martis (19 Oct 2009)
"StockAnalysis and feedback is great stuff well worth the money.”
Bruce (24 Oct 2009)
"Great gold sector review and also oil sector review. Very happy with the level of analysis and insight in those reviews. Your comparative approach is one of the best I have seen of any analyst, if not the best. I feel it makes my stock selection an informed and confident decisions rather than a gamble.”
Sam Bartone (15 Oct 2009)
"I really enjoy your weekly Analysis and l respect it greatly.”
Chris Turner (19 Aug 2009)
". . . many thanks for StockAnalysis newsletter........... a good read, with food for thought each week!”
Eric Hannay (13 Aug 2009)
"I find Stock Analysis one of the very best of the many Newsletters that I subscribe to. The articles are written in a very easy to understand manner, and always pick out the salient points in each stock that are considered important.- very importantly also, there are no holds barred, if you consider the Management/Directors of a Company are considered to be over indulgent as regards to benefits flowing back to themselves, rather than to the shareholders.
All in all, the research that you do on each stock before committing your views to the Newsletter, I find to be critical in my investment decisions, as I do to your views on the overall market “feel” and where it is headed.”
Vic Calcino (19 June 2009)
"I am a subscriber to Stock Analysis and eagerly look forward to each weeks edition, congratulations to you on your efforts and successes.”
Wayne Grime (18 June 2009)
"I have been a subscriber of yours for some time and enjoy your newsletter.
I think that the feedback sessions are of equal value since you often enlarge or clarify what is in the newsletter.”
Bill Goodes (21 May 2009)
"Really enjoyed your last Oil &Gas market summary and your other recent piece on CSM.”
Mark Beeley (1 April 2009)
"I've been looking for a opportunity to e-mail you, congratulating you on your writings in the Stock Analysis of March 4th 2009!
Your articles-Is this the End of Equity for a Decade?, and the State We're In, are excellent articles and I very much agree with your observations and conclusions!! Good on you! Let's have more of this forthright and insightful stuff!!”
Dick Lester (31 March 2009)
"I love these feed back sessions of yours.”
Bill Goodes (28 March 2009)
"Great issue. Your regular reviews of the oil and gas sector justify the subscription in themselves!”
Larry (26 March 2009)
"Thank you for keeping up the standards in regard to the analysis of stocks.”
Ken Sturrock (5 March 2009)
"Your discussion of gold stocks is very helpful, and you certainly picked a winner in Catalpa. Your "Is this the end of equity for a decade" article is concise and to the point and the best I have seen"
Chris Temby (5 March 2009)
"Dear Peter
Your latest issue is nothing less than inspirational. I am sure it took a lot of courage & of course the enormous overall knowledge of the market which you have. All the creeps have been exposed & your wonderful article may encourage others to speak up or are you the only one with the guts to make a statement? ”
John Hunt (4 March 2009)
"Your in-depth research is excellent – and I am very happy with the recommendations you have made!”
Grant Dinse (19 Jan 2009)
"I thoroughly enjoy reading your weekly publication, most interesting, informative & straight to the point - a hard find these days !!”
Tim Eden (Fiji) (12 Dec 2008)
"The feedback sessions always very enjoyable and interesting. A great idea.”
Larry Kirk (7 Nov 2008)
"I am glad I subscribe to your newsletter. You offer a consistent point of reference that is really helping me understand the current financial environment.”
Daniel Juengling (8 Oct 2008)
"Keep up the great work!
p.s - I've just renewed my subscription for the 4th year in a row. For the past 4 years, Wednesday has been my favourite day of the week (when StockAnalysis is emailed to me!)”
Matt Milner (2 Oct 2008)
"I commend your article about "Animals running the farm". Your Bulletin is wonderful”
John Hunt (18 Sep 2008)
"By the way. Not just a subscriber; someone who says "Thank you for making me money over the last 12 months, Pete.
Your service really is an integral part of my weekly business structure. Thanks again.”
Laurie Crane (18 Aug 2008)
"I wish there were more people in the investment community that had the guts to call things as straight-up as you do. Well done”
Craig MacDonald (13 Aug 2008)
". . . I am a subscriber to your report and find it one of the best reports available.. . . Again love your report”
Gary Vidor (1 Aug 2008)
"The broking fraternity give their news letters away for free (do many people pay much attention to them?)
People pay you for your knowledge and view. Says it all really!”
Doug Wilkinson (Jul 17th 08)
"Peter thank you for your very valued newsletter which I enjoy and has been financially rewarding....I appreciate your analyses which are at expert depths.”
William Leivesley (Jul 16th 08)
"StockAnalysis is my most read & used investment publication among all the others that I subscribed.
Keep up the good work!”
Kenneth Yu (11 July 2008)
"Peter, . . . . let me reassure you I do love your service. I used to be with Fat Prophets and Stock Resources and tried many others over the years. But was unable to digest all information- so in the end I chose you, because of the incisive, honest, and high value comments you make.”
Sam Bartone (5 June 2008)
"Thank you for your continuing support of us poor small investors, who really don't know what goes on in the boardrooms.”
Phil Hassett (3 June 2008)
"It states the facts as you see them, and dispenses with any unnecessary “waffle”, is unbiased, and not afraid to criticise any Company or its Management if it sees fit to do so.
Keep up the good work. I subscribe to many stock market publications and Stock Analysis is up there with the best of them.”
Vic Calcino (3 June 2008)
"I read your publication with interest every week, information within is easy to read, understanding and lucid for non "technicals" like this subscriber!”
George Krasicki (2 June 2008)
"For the record, I continue to appreciate your excellent and incisive analysis, and also occasional social commentary, in StockAnalysis. Please keep up the good work!”
John Turney (2 June 2008)
" . . . I'd just like to thankyou for fattening my back pocket quite substantially so far this year. I've previously been a subscriber to a number of share market publication, and so far yours has been the most profitable by far. So thankyou...from my bank balance to you!”
David Haynes (28 May 2008)
"I enjoy and learn a lot from your feedback sessions -- a big "thank you" for them. The information that I have gathered from your publications and now your feedback sessions are of tremendous value to me -- I could never in a million years be able to gather and analyse all the information that you provide your subscribers.”
Leela Kanoo (16 May 2008)
"Dear Peter, thank you for your fantastic weekly reports. I look forward to them and learn something new from them every week.”
Kelvin Ng (10 April 2008)

Testimonials from the Blogosphere

I have been a suscriber of SA and have found it extremely helpful. Particularly for those playing the oil/gas game, it it well worth the small fee and will pay for itself many times over in a very short period of time.
I think it is an excellent publication, and is especially valuable to me for the indepth analysis Strachan carries out on individual junior oil and gas companies. His methodology in evaluating their assets, cash flows, etc. are transparent and give insight into how he reached his conclusions (and ultimately whether you agree with them or not). The returns that can be made when he uncovers an undervalued gem speak for themselves.
Oscar Grouch
I have been a satisfied subscriber to SA for a couple of years now. Strachan presents a unique viewpoint on many smaller stocks that no-one else covers plus a good coverage of the oilers which I am particularly interested in. His valuation of oil explorers is easy to follow and, more importantly, realistic. The subscription is considerably lower than most of his competitors and his information is of a higher quality. I'm sold.
Been one of the flock for 18 months and no complaints from me.
Relatively new subscriber largely due to references to publication and posted excerpts from a few sensible and respected posters. I receive a number of newsletters/research docs by various means this one I chose to pay for .........! Head and shoulders above the pack in my opinion.
I echo the sentiments written about Stock Analysis. Well researched and common sense commentary. I have subscribed in the past and will be taking advantage of the SS offer. Happy investing.
I have been with SA since its first issue and can say that it easily pays for itself in multiples....Peter's financial analysis is very good. While I don't always agree with his assumptions, his full disclosure of his analysis allows you to substitute your own figures as you see fit. This for me is a powerful tool.
His best work comes when he compiles comprehensive reports on companies. I find it hard to find holes in his coverage which means when he covers a stock I am not actively following myself I can trust his report.... But to me the most important function of SA is to serve as a peer review for my own research and from that point of view SA is outstanding whether I agree or not.
I can't imagine ever not being a subscriber to SA. I recommend it to all players in the market because not only is it well written but it has the quality most hungry players look's a multibagger.
I was a subscriber by default, in that I initially subscribed to Quentin Camerons O & G bulletin (which morphed into SA on the retirement of QC). On the changeover my initial reaction was to say "sod this" but it didn't take me long to change my opinion, and am now a dedicated fan. Second thing is that while SA concentrates on energy sector, I like the way that other non energy stocks are also included. Disc: I don't subscribe to any other publications (just SA).
I must say that Peter Strachan, StockAnalysis' writer has picked quite a few winners and very very few duffers so I would say that following the recommendations in the report would benefit anyone.
What I like is that Peter does the fundamental analysis for you. I've noticed over the years that most people on chat boards never do any fundamental analysis. This is key to protecting your downside and understanding the value of upside.
The report is well written and easy to read and understand. I intend to roll over my subscription.
Looks a good read and info and fair value. I put in my favourites for when/if i make a mover into the oil sector.
The Great SA Read.... I do look forward to my SA report each Wednesday.
I quickly see where the Jr. Oilers have been and what they are now involved in. I'm able to see the industry in thumbnail format and react or just sit back and watch it happen.
Peters' ability to interact with the players is what it's all about. After reading an issue you feel like you too have sat in the boardroom and talked to the CEO's themselves, giving you a confidence you could not have acquire reading the other mags.....
His recommendations have been educated ones, and worthy of consideration from my part. Recommended reading for at least 12 months to put you in the know. Keep up the good work Peter.
D Grant
Thats a BIG 10/4. Read the sample Stock Analysis reports and will subscribe!


". . you and Kerr Neilsen, provide me some of my most valued insights.”
Andrew Martis (Apr 2nd 08)
"I would like to congratulate you on your newsletter. I have subscribed to a number of newsletters over the years and have I found yours easily the best. I would also like to say that the feedback session is a great idea and I eagerly look forward to it each week. Keep up the great work.”
Stephen Newman (18 March 2008)
"StockAnalysis is one of the very best up front weekly subscriptions that I subscribe too, I am going to let certain other subs lapse.”
Eddy Cravagna (a 3rd year subscriber) (13 March 2008)
"I would just like to comment on your weekly audio feedback sessions, now that you have been doing it for a while. In that it is a great addition to your weekly service, it adds value to my subscription, top stuff, keep it up.”
Eddy Cravagna (11 March 2008)
"I have now joined up as a subscriber to StockAnalysis. I appreciate the details you provide in your newsletters, which I am finding highly beneficial toward developing my deeper understanding of O+G analysis.”
Jamie Barton (6 March 2008)
"Thank you for your excellent publication and your weekly feedback session.”
Gunnar Knudsen (Feb 20th 08)
"Thank you very much for your newsletter. Its interesting, insightful and trustworthy as always.”
Kelvin Ng (Feb 18th 08)
"Thank you always for your most excellent service for which you charge considerably less than fair value.”
Bill Thomas (Feb 18th 08)
"Just wanted to compliment on your excellent reasoning for the analysis of the market in today's communication.”
Peter Volk (Feb 6th 08)
". . . let me say that I gain great benefit from your written and spoken analyses, and am a most enthusiastic supporter of your service.”
Jim Howarth (Jan 30th 08)
"You warned us to review our stocks and stay in those that are well funded and run.
In other Words Quality...Quality...Quality...!!!!”
John Negrepontis (Jan 19th 08)
"Keep up the fantastic work.”
Matt Milner (Jan 18th 08)
"Love the publication. Worth every cent.”
Simon McGuire (Jan 16th 08)
". . . your research is a pleasure to read and subscribe to.”
David Easton (Dec 16th 07)
". . . . thanks for a profitable year that saw me pay for my daughters wedding soley from hers and mine share profits based on your recommendations ”
Wayne Paul (Dec 6th 07)
"We again thank for this service for which we are keen to renew our subscription.”
Reg Hansen (Dec 6th 07)
"I really like your Feedback Session, and, while I intended renewing my subscription anyway, this has only re-inforced my decision to do so.”
Wal Hartig (Nov 27th 07)
"I am a new subscriber to StockAnalysis and am enjoying it very much. Thank you!”
James Bailey (Nov 7th 07)
". . . your advice has been irreplaceable. Keep up the good work.”
Dale Francis (Nov 14th 07)
"I have recently become a member of your subscription and I really like your style and down to earth comments.
It’s not often that you come across some straight forward, informative and easy to read, information.
Just like to say its great being able to send a couple of lines through to you.”
Aldo Bazec (Nov 7th 07)
"I will just take this opportunity . . . . to praise you on your newsletter and the question session, I think both are great. I am an investor and I have tried a number of different investment newsletters over the years and this is easily the best I have come across. Keep up the great work. I wish I had found it earlier then I did.”
Stephan Newman (Nov 7th 07)
"Thanks for your hard work, enjoy reading the newsletter and this audio feedback seems like a great idea.”
James Bailey (Nov 7th 07)
"I am a recent subscriber to Stock Analysis and thank you for your erudite analyses.”
Danny Hoffman (Nov 6th 07)
"Your newsletter represents most excellent value in its own right but these feedback things are an extra layer of icing on the cake. Thank you most sincerely.”
Bill Thomas (Nov 2nd 07)
"I'm only a recent subscriber but want to say I am really enjoying the service so far. In particular, the feedback sessions are great and much appreciated. . . . I have tried free subscriptions with multiple other on-line providers but could never see the value in their service. . . . over time many of their stock picks were duds. . . . History shows your stock picking ability is very good and the information is well presented and understandable. So after much research you eventually won me over and I paid up to my first online subscription service.
I . . . just wanted to let you know I very much look forward to receiving the print edition on Wednesday and the feedback session on Thursday.”
Graeme Hall (Nov 2nd 07)
"I subscribed to your service about 5 months ago and have found your analysis and insight an invaluable tool for me, a first time investor . . . . the subscription is well and truly paid for (from successful investment)!”
Mick McCallum (Nov 1st 07)
"October 31 Stockanalysis is great. Probably worth most of the year's subscription in its own right.”
Larry Kirk (Oct 31st 07)
"Keep up the great read! It breaks up my week and gives me plenty to think about”
Daniel Juengling (Oct 26th 07)
"Thank you for your presentation which adds to the excellent value that we already receive.”
Reg Hansen (Oct 26th 07)
"I'm a new subscriber to your publication, and wanted to let you know that I'm glad that I subscribed. So far it's been quit useful to me, so thanks!”
David Haynes (Oct 25th 07)
"Feedback on feedback session – they are a great initiative - very useful – many thanks”
Geoff Farnell (Oct 25th 07)
"Great newsletter, keep up the good work.”
Adam Leddick (Oct 11th 07)
"Keep up the fantastic work.”
Daniel (Oct 11th 07)
"I enjoyed your economic commentary in the latest issue.... Keep up the good work!”
Tino Guglielmo (Oct 10th 07)
"Thank you for your fantastic work. Its very useful and educational.”
Kelvin Ng (Oct 9th 07)
"Your best edition yet. Excellent summary of the Good Oil. Excellent work!!! ”
Richard Morrow (Sep 13th 07)
“I can thank your publication for clearing out all my spec rubbish on the first selldown several weeks ago. Those are the ones I normally trade. WOW did they get hit. You called thanks. It is as you say a good read.”
Philip Jones (Aug 16th 07)
“Really look forward to your weekly newsletter by the way - keep up the good work”
Roger Williams B Com, CA (Aug 16th 07)
"I really enjoy the publication and like a lot of others look forward to getting it on Wednesdays. Thanks again”
Daniel Blyth (Jul 20th 07)
“I always look forward to getting StockAnalysis... I like your clear and candid writing style, as well as your rational approach to risk and your world view.”
John Standingford (Jul 17th 07)
“I think the publication is great.”
Jeff Boersma (Jun 28th 07)
“StockAnalysis . . you are known as a bit of a guru in the industry and clearly the best newsletter out there by a trillion miles.”
Matt Milner (May 30th 07)
“Enjoying Strachan's StockAnalysis report. I've already made my money back for the subscription 10 times over since subscribing.”
Jason Wong (May 22nd 07)
“I attach very high value to your oil and gas expertise, while acknowledging your ability to pick well in other areas too...”
Craig MacDonald (May 5th 07)
“Thanks for the review and recommendation on Ramelius that I acted upon. I am up almost 300% on entry price, with more to come.”
Eddy Cravagna (May 5th 07)
“What I, . . . particularly value is your oil and gas expertise.”
Craig MacDonald (May 5th 07)
“Your news letter rocks”
Paul Marchetti (May 2nd 07)
“I have recently become a member of Stock Analysis and look forward to your Wednesday report every week. I thought I’d take this opportunity to say thanks for a great read!”
Daniel Juengling (Apr 16th 07)
“I regard PETER as the best stock selector in the country”
David Owens (Apr 13th 07)
“I tell everyone to buy Stockanalysis. Stockanalysis is too cheap for what you are providing. Only up $170,000 this year.”
Richard Hailston (Apr 4th 07)
“I look forward to each Wed in the office anticipating your next epistle – thanks”
Clive Cutler (Mar 21st 07)
“Your "musings" and comments are always read with great interest! I find your publication lucid, well written and interesting, Keep the GOOD WORK UP!!.”
George Krasicki (Mar 14th 07)
“Fantastic report with factual data that even I can understand. Appreciate your comments on ‘Stock Analysis Basics’ in this weeks report too, tools that all help and cement ones theories and planning.”
James Coomer (Mar 7th 07)
“I'm addicted to your newsletter and I've got my mates hooked too. Wednesday is my favourite day of the week.”
Matt Milner (Mar 7th 07)
“I've been a subscriber of StockAnalysis for about six months and it certainly has paid for itself many times over.”
Murray Elliott (Feb 21st 07)
“Just received your weekly and, as always, it is most excellent.”
Bill Thomas (Feb 7th 07)
“As a Stockanalysis subscriber (in NZ) I would like to congratulate you on the excellent job you continue to do.”
John Turney (Jan 28th 07)
“Love the newsletter !! Best money spent in 2006 !!”
Ross Pittorini (Dec 18th 06)
“I enjoy your Newsletter. It is very sound.”
Bob Johnson (Dec 18th 06)
“I am a subscriber of your excellent publication Stockanalysis and follow your recommendations very closely. . . . What I find most valuable about your report is that you speak in a language which is straight-forward and direct- you say what you mean, unlike others, which after having read their comments, you don't have a clue if what they're trying to say is good or bad. Thanks for your insightful and direct analysis and commentary.”
Sam Bartone (Dec 5th 06)
“Good call with NXS Peter. I sold out, but they're still going ..and your analysis has repaid my subscription with profits for the second year running. Can't ask much more than that!”
Larry Kirk (Nov 20th 06)
“A good, highly relevant StockAnalysis today. Glad to hear your subscriber base is growing too.”
Larry Kirk (Nov 8th 06)
“Am a subscriber to SA, and continue to be impressed by your comprehensive and pragmatic approach. ”
Chris Haslam (Oct 30th 06)
“I wish I had found a publication like yours years ago. I am having my best year ever.”
Richard Hailston (Oct 30th 06)
“I . . . . was impressed with the presentation, transparency, clarity and track record re Peter's analysis and recommendations.
Integrity is paramount in attracting and maintaining clients. Peter passed on all counts on my test - and hence my subscription. ”
Don Mackay (Oct 30th 06)
“Many thanks for the useful information each week, Peter”
David Jeays (Oct 25th 06)
“Great edition Peter, thanks. Really helpful advice, and love the oilies update. It's a minefield out there and we need you around for a long time to come.”
Bob Johnson (Oct 11th 06)
“A good issue!
I did appreciate the timely reminders on the difference between value and share price. We can all forget this in the heat of the moment. Your original recommendation of (Roc Oil), as a transforming producer, is now slowly but surely playing out, and the upside from Angola could be very exciting. Good call.”
Larry Kirk (Oct 11th 06)
“I read your work weekly and find it most informative!”
Tino Guglielmo (Oct 3rd 06)
“At less than half the price of many other investment newsletters, you cannot really beat StockAnalysis value / in depth research. I can only encourage potential subscribers reading this to take the step, and subscribe you will not be disappointed.”
Eddy Cravagna (Sep 30th 06)
“Congratulations on a fantastic publication. I subscribed to Stock Analysis earlier this year and I find it very informative and to the point.”
Matt Milner (Sep 28th 06)
“It is with real enjoyment and interest that I read your weekly report. For someone with no knowledge of resource stocks (and oil and gas stocks in particular) it is fascinating to receive the insights of someone with your experience.”
Andy Picot (Sep 21st 06)
“I’ve now got to the stage where by I only buy stocks based on my research and your recommendations.”
Darren Oakes (Aug 14th 06)
"I am 2/3 of the way through my initial subscription to Stock analysis, I wish to again thank you for the way you present the weekly Stock analysis newsletter, it is written in a clear a concise way, (i.e straight to the point).I find it invaluable in guiding me through the murky waters in these uncertain times, as far what companies are doing and not doing, which ones to treat with caution or keep away from.
Through your recommendation I have scored a winner in Horizon Resources - HZN, has given me a 400% increase in share price over the last 6 months, and has paid for my subscription many times overTogether with your general commentary of the overall market I find Stock Analysis a great tool helping me to formulate investment decisions in the oil / Gas / Resource sectors. I will definitely re-subscribe."
Eddy Cravagna (Jul 27th 06)
"I am a new subscriber to your newsletter having signed up last week. From what I have read so far, I'm impressed."
Mark Eaglesham (28 June 2006)
"I continue to follow your excellent analysis and share your concerns about US/Global imbalances etc."
Mack Fowler (16 May 2006)
"I really enjoyed your articles on the market. I found your observations always to be interesting."
Gary Ridge (12 May 2006)
"Great call by you on HZN when it was well below 15. I still have some of the shares. Thanks.
CMR, my largest holding, came to the party this week. Up around 1300% in about 18 months.... I'd love to find another one of those..."
Craig (10 May 2006)
"My Stockanalysis subscription doesn't just pay for itself, it is a 'Forty-Bagger', and you get a tax deduction..."
Larry Kirk (10 May 2006)
"Just a quick note to let you know that I am a regular reader of stock analysis and would like to thank you for your insight, analysis and reports which I appreciate and have benefited from. Keep up the good work."
Fabio Corelli (8 May 2006)
"I have been recently reading your stock report from the magazine 'Resourcestocks', your analysis are very accurate and precise. I now have a similar portfolio to the one you have."
Dean Wu (8 May 2006)
"I read your work weekly and find it most informative!"
Tony Guglielmo (20 April 2006)
"As a long term subscriber, just thought I'd let you know that I really enjoy reading your reports.
Your discussion of oil supply and demand today was excellent!"
Tony Eriksen (19 April 2006)
"...congratulated on your fine and easy to read, (non cryptic) publication aimed at lay people such as myself. I believe you also aim it at traders and technos, but do it in such a way that I can still understand, I Just like to say keep it up!"
Eddy Cravagno (31 March 2006)
"I'll give you 10/10 for timing on your takeover call. I waited 9 months for it....and almost gave up. Well done!"
Craig MacDonald (29 March 2006)
"I started subscribing to your newsletter something like 4 or 5 months ago - well done on a quality product, and keep up the good work."
Craig MacDonald (13 March 2006)
"I find your publication as good value, very informative and full of good ideas."
Brian Fisher (2 February 2006)
"Keep up the great work! I look forward to Wednesday lunchtimes when I read StockAnalysis. It’s a highlight in my week"
Kelvin Price (2 February 2006)
"I've been looking around for a reliable weekly analysis of shares. Having recently joined StockAnalysis I find their reports extremely helpful. Many thanks"
Stephen Beach (27 January 2006)