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2017 so far - recommendations review

22 March 2017

StockAnalysis reviewed its recommendations for 2017 to date. Considering thediffering risk profiles of various groups of companies and sectors, it chose to separatethe stocks selected. In this way a general file of stocks that have been researched andrecommended will be maintained as well as a base metal company cohort selected from itsrecent industry review, and finally a rising star explorer cohort, selected from companiesthat presented at the recent Explorers Conference in Fremantle. Each grouping has a quite different risk profile with base metal companies including producers, developers and more risky explorers, while the rising stars are largely, high risk exploration and projectdevelopment driven.

Summary results from 14 January 2017 to 11 March 2017

Move %
Total Annualised At High
StockAnalysis 6% 72% 22%
SA Rising Stars 5% 183% 14%
Base metal selections 1% 27% 7%
All Ords 0% 0% 1%
Met Min Index (+8 Mar) 0% -8% 1%
Energy Index -4.2% -22% 2%

Overall this year so far, StockAnalysis general recommendations have risen by an average of 6% and at the high prices since recommendation were up an average of 22%.

Rising Star's explorers are up just 5% in the few weeks since purchase while the base metal stock cohort is roughly square on average with the average levels seen at the time of recommendation, despite trading at much higher prices in the interim.

By comparison the All Ords Index is flat, and both the MinMet and Energy Indices are both in negative territory since the beginning of the StockAnalysis year, or the 8thof March in the case of the MinMet Index, so StockAnalysis selections are outperforming the general market and the sectors to which they are most closely aligned.

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