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Here is a clear and concise explanation of peak oil and how it impacts on our economy.

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Welcome to StockAnalysis, which brings together two formidable talents in the stock market analysis and publications fields, Strachan Corp & Pex Publications.

StockAnalysis, written by nationally recognised corporate analyst Peter Strachan and has been a welcome addition to the Pex Publications stable of newsletters for over ten years.

Peter's aim is to use his vast experience and expertise in the stock market field to produce clear, easy-to-read and understandable investment advice, focussing on high-margin companies; those that will offer investors the maximum return in the minimum amount of time.

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Peter Strachan will be speaking at the Perth leg of the ASA Investors Big Day Out Seminar

Investing - not a set and forget strategy

Building and preserving your portfolio is no longer a set and forget strategy. Asset allocation is determined upon your needs, your risk tolerance, market conditions and it is not a set once and forget task – rebalancing is required. Peter Strachan is the co-owner of weekly subscriber based analyst brief, StockAnalysis. He will discuss the different approaches to asset allocation including strategic and dynamic, overview the products that fit within each asset class and review what the experts suggest based on various profiles. Peter will provide insights on how to get the right asset allocation for you.

StockAnalysis subscribers eligible for a discounted price of $125/person by contacting the ASA National Office on 1300 368 448.

What my subscribers are saying...

"I trust your insights and believe that StockAnalysis is a truly
worthwhile subscription." -  Tony

"Thanks for your excellent input over this last year always well researched, accurate
and informative." -  Kevin

"I love the publication and look forward to receiving it every week. Always entertaining
and full of insight." - Adam

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